Ranking high on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is crucial for businesses and brands across industries. The world of Search Engine Optimization is evolving faster than ever, at present. How is the SEO scene going to change in 2023? Which SEO trends can become key differentiators setting your brand apart from your competition?  Here are four such trends predicted to stay at the top in 2023.  

4 Top SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2023  

1. SERPs are Now Smarter

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Google search engine result pages are way more intelligent than before. For example, the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT update of the algorithm helps the crawler interpret the content language with more in-depth sensitivity. This means that tactics like keyword stuffing can lower a site’s ranking on Google SERP.   

The BERT update means that the crawler is looking for niche content. Content that is conversational and offers value-added information to the reader. Post the update, Google reiterated that content and SEO managers need to ensure compliance with EAT – Expertise, Authority & Trust.  

What it means:  

  • Content should be written by subject matter experts 
  • Offer new learnings and information to readers 
  • Let other authoritative sites refer your blogs/websites 
  • The ‘About Us’ details should be an integral part of your website. Also, contact details should be elaborately present on the site for transparency and trust. 

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2. Voice Search is Going to Rule the Roost in 2023

Google and most search engines online are favoring voice searches. That's how the algorithms are being adjusted and adapted. If you do not want to lose out, this is the right time to use the opportunity to optimize your site or blog for voice search. Interestingly, about one billion searches every month nowadays are made through voice search. And, mobile users are most likely to use voice searches with a 3x times likelihood compared to people using desktops or other devices. (Ref: https://review42.com/resources/voice-search-stats/)   

Diving into market statistics can reveal tons of data that show that voice search is gradually becoming popular amongst users. In 2023, no U-turn on this front is expected; meaning that with more of your customers relying on voice search, it’s time to ensure the following:  

  • Ensure content accuracy on your website/blog/social media handles. 
  • Keep the content relevant. 
  • Use long-tail keywords as queries via voice tend to be longer. 
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. 

3. Shopping Graph by Google 

With the e-business community expected to multiply further in 2023, Google has made some changes to entice sellers to sell on its platform. Removing commission fees was one; businesses can now sell free on Google was another interesting add-on.  

Next, Google came up with the Shopping Graph which is an aid for buyers that help them buy their desired products by accessing the products of a greater number of sellers. It is AI-enabled with the power to analyze products that are related to the buyer’s intent. Several factors are taken into account by the Shopping Graph like product reviews, website, price, SKU, videos, etc., to provide the buyer most relevant products live. Another feature is searching using screenshots.   

When buyers place a screenshot of a product/service/brand in Google Photos, they can look up a similar product as Google uses the Lens feature to scan the photo. The crawler then takes the user to similar search listings, related to the product in the photo.  

To keep up with this trend, ensure:  

  • Your e-commerce store’s product listings are keyword-rich.  
  • Integrate the most relevant keywords across the product page. 
  • Use the Alt Tag feature and incorporate the keywords in the product photos to help Google read and interpret them as required. 

4. Videos 

Understandably, videos are universally loved and relied upon. With an increasing number of people preferring to watch videos than read text or seeing images, it is essential to take this feature into account when you strategize for SEO in 2023.  

What are the things to do?  

  • Ensure your site/blog has video content to boost engagement and traffic. 
  • Incorporate clip markups that typically highlight the main points of your video. Viewers can switch to parts that interest them straightaway. 
  • Seek Markup helps the crawler to showcase the best moments of your video. This is automatic. Google can link your video with a specific point, thereby optimizing your content and increasing the chances of it appearing in the top SERP. 
  • Use keyword-rich specific markups.   


The gamut of SEO is progressively growing. Google and other top search engines are at the top of their algorithms and make changes pretty frequently. Therefore, a casual attitude does not work well with your SEO strategies.   

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